Last month saw very little rain fall in the mountainous region where the Chapong Tribal people have settled. Their crops did not give the expected yield, leaving most families in the 120,000 person community without adequate food supplies. Last year we brought rice and lentils to them, which gave us the opportunity to teach them about Jesus and His love.

This year we did the same, bringing as much food as we could purchase through your donations. In total, 19 families received food- nearly 120 individuals! We celebrated over this, as the urgent request for food was only put out 2 days prior to the funds being sent over. Your quick response meant that multiple men, women, and young children didn’t go hungry that week.

Singapore + Malaysia Trip

Today, we are preaching and teaching across locations in Singapore and Malaysia, staying in line with our mission statement: to build pastors and leaders across the continent of Asia.

Our schedule is full with preaching at churches in both Singapore and Malaysia, as well as preaching at a 4 day church camp.

We return back stateside on June 19th, and have open availability from July to the 2nd week in August. If you or your church would like to contact us, please don’t hesitate to visit our website ( and fill out our contact form.

Prayer + Praise

As we near the end of this trip, we have much to praise God for, as well as many needs to bring before Him.

We ask that you would keep us in prayer as we continue to travel and preach the rest of this year. As there are some gaps in our schedule over the next few months, we are seeking God for His direction and clear guidance. We also ask that you keep the prayer house/disability care centers in your prayers, with special focus on the precious people we care for, day in and day out. We are believing for supernatural healing, impactful testimonies and provision for each and every person.

“He gives justice to the oppressed and food to the hungry. The LORD frees the prisoners.” -PSALM 146:7 NLT

And we are praising God for the wonderful things we have seen him do this month and this year! We have seen multiple lives transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ; we’ve seen
people healed, both physically and mentally; and we’ve seen provision for ourselves and for those around us.

We are especially thankful for our community (you!) who supports us through prayer and donations to the ministry. We are able to spread the Good News of Jesus because of your faithfulness! Again, thank you!