Spring is in the air, and with it comes a sense of hope and expectancy for the new things that are “springing” forth. Below is our latest update on some of the happenings in our ministry.

Nepal update

We ministered in Nepal from February 1-22. It is always a blessing to spend time with Pastor Narayan and Neeru Bhagat and the prayer homes/disabled ministry. Our homes are twenty-four-hour prayer centers, and pray for needs all over the world. God is truly using these wonderful people!

We were able to distribute medical supplies to two hospitals, and supply children’s clothes to very needy children attending a school in North India. Thank you to those who donated medical supplies, clothing, and money for these needs!

We traveled to the Chapong tribe and brought rice to distribute. This tribe is a very poor tribe we have been working with for many years with Pastor Narayan Bhagat. We also brought chuda (a flat, beaten rice) and dalmuth (a spicy “snack”) to feed them when they arrived. Mike and Pat were able to preach the Word of God to them and our friends, Jeanette and Ron Happ, brought children’s clothes to distribute. This area that used to be all Hindu has become 70 to 80 percent Christian in recent years.

In Pokhara, a pastor whom we know, Louis, who has a small fellowship of believers. He also owns a welding company to support his ministry, and on a Friday evening invited his neighbors and employees to come to his home. About 30 people, mostly Hindus, were there, and heard the gospel through Mike’s testimony. One man told Mike and Pat he wanted to become a Christian, and another said he needed to be fully committed to the Lord. The next day while Mike preached at another church, Pat preached at Pastor Louis’ church, and some of the people from Friday night attended. God is moving among the people!

Mon Badhu

Mon Badhu is a quadriplegic who lived in one of our disabled homes, but has since gone home to live with family. His brother was taking care of him, but, unfortunately, his brother has become ill and unable to continue. Other family members are trying to help, but lack the resources, and he is being neglected. He is living in a squalid “room” with limited lighting and facilities. Mon Badhu needs a place a room to live in that has a window and a bathroom. The cost would likely be less than $1000, with volunteer labor.