What a beautiful summer we are having here in California this year! Because of the rainfall during the winter the trees and flowers are flourishing, with vibrant colors and heavenly aromas in the air. God is indeed a wonderful Master artist!

Since we last wrote, life and ministry have been very busy for us, as we’re sure it has been for you. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit Nepal and North India in February and March, and were able to minister with our good friend, Pastor Narayan, in the central mountains of Nepal to the Chepang tribe. In April we were in the Midwest, and ministered in a number of churches, as well as being a part of our ministerial fellowship. It was truly a blessing to see some of our friends!

We are extremely happy at what the Holy Spirit did on this last trip. Mike had the opportunity to be in Myanmar, Singapore, and Malaysia in May and June to bring a reviving message to churches and individuals in those countries. We are amazed at what we saw God do in the lives of people we ministered to. According to 1Chronicles 16:8 we are to “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His Name; make known among the nations what He has done.” Here are a few of the miracles we saw:

  • A number of demon possessed people were set free in various services
  • Two ladies that had their vertebrae actually move and realign in their spine
  • Several people with poor eyesight received clear sight
  • One older Chinese woman who received healing of her eyesight in Malaysia was so surprised that she gripped Mike’s hands trying to express her joy over her healing. She couldn’t speak English but through an interpreter we heard her testimony. Every time she saw Mike over the next few days she would just smile and point to heaven in thankfulness.
  • A number of deaf people received their hearing. One lady in Myanmar that was prayed for couldn’t understand what the interpreter was saying, so we pressed for more information and found she was totally deaf. God opened her ears in just a few moments and what joy was on her face.

We love to see people get healed! There was also a prophetic flow of words of knowledge and personal prophecies that blessed many. All of this could not be done if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit and praying and supporting friends like you standing with us.

We will be in the Midwest again in September and October, and have a few dates open for ministry if your church or group is interested. You can email us at Patricia@newlifeintlministries.org or Michael@newlifeministries.org to ask for the open times.

We are going to be back in Nepal at the end of October and into November, to help our good friends, Pastor Narayan and Neeru Bhagat, celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. We will be visiting our prayer homes, ministering at some churches, and seeing our other “family” in Nepal. If you are interested in joining us on the trip, email us for the information. It looks like right now the cost of the trip will be around $2000 per person.

On a personal note, we are entering into a new season. After almost 34 years of being the special needs caregiver to our daughter, Jessica, she will be moving into her own place in the near future. The logistics are being worked out as we write this, and we are meeting with a possible roommate to see if they will be compatible. If all goes “as planned,” she will be in her own place, with the staff to assist in her needs, before we go to the Midwest. It is with very mixed emotions that we are moving forward with this, and we are both excited for the new opportunities for her and us and sad that she will not be in our day to day lives. We continually remind ourselves that it’s very normal for a 34-year-old to have her own place.  With the move, our finances also are in transition, since Jessica currently receives some assistance. Please pray for our family during this time.

We want to say again how much we value and appreciate you, our praying friends. We feel your prayers and are encouraged when we receive a note or email from someone saying they are praying for us or thinking about us. Thank you, also, to those who have partnered with us in giving. We are so blessed that you stand with us in this ministry, and pray for you, that God will pour back into you a blessing bigger than you can imagine.