Even though the news has stopped reporting on the earthquake in Nepal the rebuilding of homes and lives continue. In fact it will take years before life will be back to normal which is a relative term when speaking of the Nepali lifestyle.

Our ministry continues to help people survive and get back to some sense of ”normal” living. One of the projects we completed recently was to build a temporary home for one blind couple and get them out of a tent. We learned that a leopard was around their tent and we feared for them and their one year old child. They were so happy to once again feel safe and were grateful to our ministry for helping them. This is just one example of where your donations are being used.

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We continue to give out supplies and food to those in need, even when we’re not physically there. Pastor Narayan has done, and continues to do, a great job of coordinating the work. We have also assisted in the rebuilding of a church and have helped hundreds of families with shelter and food since the earthquake. We’re not going to stop until we accomplish all we can do for these precious people.

Mike will be returning to Nepal in August, to see the work that has been done and to continue with the distribution of aid. When he went in May he was able to take $10,000 in to buy supplies. Wouldn’t it be great if he could take that much (or more) in again?

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Three well know men of faith had convictions about raising funds needed for the work of the Kingdom. Each approach was different from the others but the results were the same. The Kingdom work was funded. George Muller prayed for funds and didn’t ask anyone for a cent. Hudson Taylor prayed and let people know what he was doing, what the need was, but did not ask people to actually give financially. And D.L. Moody prayed, let people know what the need was, and asked people to give.

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Thank you to all who have given and have prayed.

In His Service,
Mike & Pat