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First let me thank you for standing with us at New Life International Ministries during this challenging time. We are relieved that no one was seriously injured that is in our ministry in Nepal. In saying that there have been many who lost their lives in this earthquake and many thousands are injured. We were just told there are many people who have become disabled. Pat and Mike along with our ministry people there are doing our best to care for the Nepali people in their time of desperate need.

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We are supplying rice, lentils, water and plastic tents.

We were able to purchase 70 plastic tents as temporarily houses for 70 families who were sleeping outside in the rain for the last 11 days. This was at a cost of $700, but it is worth every penny to save families from getting sick which could lead to serious illness and possible death. If you would like to help, it costs just $10 per tent for a family to stay out of the rain. The monsoon season starts in full swing at the end of May till the beginning of September.
This is just one of the projects in our first phase of aid to the earthquake victims.